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The Oyama Community Club stands as a beacon of community spirit, powered by dedicated volunteers committed to enriching the lives of residents in Oyama. Our fundamental goal is to cultivate a welcoming, family-friendly environment where everyone can partake in joyful experiences.

As we set our sights on the horizon of 2024 and beyond, we anticipate an abundance of exciting endeavors on the horizon. Join us as we embark on this journey, and together, let's shape a future filled with memorable experiences and cherished community connections. Reach out today and become an integral part of the Oyama Community Club's mission to foster togetherness and joy. Stay tuned for updates as we unveil more opportunities for meaningful engagement and growth!

Fill out our volunteer application below:

Welcome to the OCC Crew!

Are you adept at rallying volunteers for ambitious projects?


Do you own equipment that could aid in outdoor space improvements?


Or perhaps you simply have a desire to lend a helping hand in any meaningful capacity?


Your participation can make a tangible difference!


Join us in shaping a vibrant future for our community. Get involved today and be part of the excitement at the Oyama Community Club!

Check all volunteer items below that interest you:

Summitted. Thanks for getting involved in your community!

We are always looking for sponsorship for events and projects!
Contact us to find out how you can help.​

The Oyama Community Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to the Oyama community. We are looking for individuals and businesses to sponsor us and help us with building maintenance, improvement projects, and events that will have a positive impact on the community.


Your sponsorship is essential for our growth and community impact. We thank you for your commitment to our mission and look forward to your continued support.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

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